September 30th, 2018


As I’m taking time to think about my next project I’m teaching some workshops. The first one was in September at ahha. It was a beginning micro macrame jewelry workshop. I’m thinking about a possible follow up with a larger project of a necklace or perhaps another beginner class next summer. Everyone completed at least one earring and took home the instructions and materials to do the second one.

Micro macrame earrings

My next workshop will be at ahha in December. We will be cutting the spokes from watercolor paper which has been either printed on one side and painted on the other or perhaps painted on both sides. We will then begin a woven form. It could be a flat woven piece or a basket piece. What the participants choose to do could depend on their experience with basket making. This workshop will be 5 hours instead of the 3 that the micro macrame workshop allowed.