October 14th, 2018

This week in my studio

As fall has returned with a bang I find I’m finally getting more time in my studio. I continue to work on a developing project I’m just calling microcosm for the moment. It has been in my head for some time and I’m now developing the individual elements. The beading microcosms will nestle in my stiffened felt naturospheres (is that not a word? Well it didn’t bother James Joyce did it.) How I will combine and display these is still experimental at this point.

Microcosm 2

Many more to create.

I’ve started experimenting with running 140 lb watercolor paper through my printer for an upcoming basketry workshop. The 140 lb has more strenghth than the roll watercolor paper I’ve used in the past and thus will form stronger baskets. I will paint on the other side of these and then they can be cut into strips from which to weave the baskets.