January 1st, 2019

Happy New Year

After spending much of my energy and time preparing to teach workshops at ahha and then the holidays I’m finally able to get back to work in my studio on my main project. It is small but detailed so the progress is slow. I’m playing with ideas for a title for this one. Maybe In Her Hands but there will be other elements which can be shown together or as separate works so the titles should fit under an overarching concept title.

I will try to post snippets of the progress on this piece until I leave for my South Africa trip in February. The trip will take me out of my studio for about three weeks. Perhaps I will come back with a new perspective to add to the work. In the meantime I will be working on this piece every day as much as possible to be able to make a significant start to show to Louis Siddons when she makes a curatorial visit to my studio in January.

Not being a fan of New Years resolutions I nonetheless find myself contemplating the direction of my art making and assessing what it is that is unique about my focus. As artists I think we are all striving to set ourselves apart in some way and not just be imitators of the past. What can you say through your work? What gives you the most satisfaction in your creative endeavors? If we don’t questions ourselves how can we get better at what we do.