Mixed Media


This piece is entitled Kimono and it was inspired by a trip to Japan. I incorporated some Japanese coins and I also digitally printed a map of Kyoto on cloth that I used in the work. This is a wrapping and coiling process. A silky bead cord is wrapped around a paper wire cord and coiled from the bottom up. It was carefully planned and designed in such a way that I would be able to attach elements with a curved needle and form the rows needed to make the kimono shape. It is a teapot sculpture done for a gallery in Pittsburgh, PA (Morgan Contemporary). As illustrated there is no high density foam armature for this one or any others that I have created using this process.

Rose Wars

Soft Sculpture Teapot

After drawing and coloring the image I print it on cotton and pin to the form as a rough guide. The color palette of embroidery thread is chosen and layed out for easy access. The knotting then begins on the bottom of the high density foam armature. The handle for this one is a metal battle ax which I drew up and had Lisa Regan craft. I cut the form in half and embedded the handle/spout and then glued it back together. It is all done with double half-hitch knots. Lisa Regan also carfted the crown for the top which was the last thing I attached.