J Fiber Art by by Jean Ann Fausser

J Fiber Art

by Jean Ann Fausser

Jean Ann Fausser is a mixed media fiber artist inspired by connections in both nature and mankind. From oceans, continents, the solar system and forces of nature to roots and even DNA, these various forms of connection comprise a theme that is constant in her art.

My inspiration is drawn from my concerns for and appreciation of the environment.  Water imagery is often at the base of my abstract works.  The three dimensional forms are conceptually varied and less tied to the natural environment.  In the end what I want to create in all of my art are works that you the viewer will connect with and will be something that will enhance your art experience

Polar Ice Cap disappearing through global warming.

.  The main processes employed in my works are felting, knotting, coiling, bead weaving, hand paper making and paper cutting, weaving and assemblage but are not limited to those as I continue to explore new processes and materials.